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At the occasion of the 1st National Conference on Occupational Skin Diseases held from 26 to 27 November 2015 in Tirgu Mures, Romania, the campaign chair, Prof. John, had an opportunity to highlight the challenges of work-related skin diseases in Europe. This was further elaborated during a press conference with national media.


Prof. John, Dr. Moldovan, Prof. Tiplica

In June 2014, the Campaign chair, Prof. John, was invited to give a lecture on tackling the challenges of occupational skin diseases in Europe at the 10th Congress of the Slovakian and Czech Dermatovenereological Societies in Strbske Pleso, Slovakia. After a press conference, he was interview by national TV.


Dr. Urbancek and Prof. John (© John)

Following the event in Bucharest at the Romanian Parliament, an additional presentation, including press conference, were held on 14 May 2014 at the 17th National Congress of Occupational Medicine in Tirgu Mures. Dr. Moldovan from the University of Medicine and Pharmacy gave also an interview with ANTENA 1-TV.


Dr. Moldovan (© John)

On 13 May 2014, a press conference with MPs from the Committee of Health and European Affairs was held at the Romanian Parliamant. The EADV europrevention chair, Prof. John was invited to talk about the grand challenges of occupational skin diseases in Europe and to reply to questions of MPs. The press conference was presented in the news of four TV channels, 2 radio stations and 2 On-line channels. In addition, 7 press clippings were published.


Prof. Tiplica, Prof. John, Dr. Moldovan (© John)

During the 5th Congress of the Croatian Dermatovenereologists, held in early May 2014 in Zagreb, our EPOS/EADV Task Force member Prof. Marinovic not only made a presentation on the objectives of the “healthy skin@work” campaign but also gave interviews at the occasion of a press conference with national TV and radio channels.


Prof. Marinovic (© John)

The EADV "healthy skin@work campaign" has been implemented in the Czech Republic in 2014. Recently, a regional seminar of Czech dermatologists in Hradec Kralové was carried out with the objective to educate colleagues about the prevention of occupational skin diseases. Information also included prevention measures pertaining to occupational skin cancer, which is an one neglected occupational hazard and prevalent in almost all countries.


Prof. Karel Ettler introducing the "healthy skin@work campaign" in the Czech Republic (© Ettler)

The EADV "healthy skin@work" campaign is committed in promoting safe and healthy workplaces and in enhancing knowledge on the topic by supporting the EU-OSHA campaign Healthy Workplaces - Working together for risk prevention. Since its official launch in April 2012 more than 80 companies and associations from the private and public sector have joined forces with the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work to encourage managers, workers and other stakeholders to work together to manage risks in the workplaces. “The Campaign is a unique forum to build synergies amongst the OSH community with the aim to further improve the safe and health conditions of workers throughout Europe, in particular for those suffering from occupational dermatoses which is our main target group”, confirms Prof. Swen Malte John, Chairman of EPOS and Chairman EADV Task Force on Occupational Skin Diseases. “Healthy skin@work” not only links up with OSHA's campaign website. Furthermore, it will represent the Healthy Workplaces Campaign (HWC) at different meetings and congresses such as EPOS Meetings, 22nd EADV Congress in Istanbul and OEESC in Amsterdam/Osnabrück. The national "healthy skin@work" campaigns will invite the national focal points at Press Conferences to present the campaign.

Further information and promotion material can be obtained on Healthy Workplaces Ressources.

On 26 April 2012 the signature oft he European Social Partners' Framework Agreement on the Protection of occupational Health and Safety in the Hairdressing Sector took place under the presence of the Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, Mr. László Andor. The signature of the agreement is one remarkable milestone within the process of bringing occupational skin diseases to the forefront of the safety and health agenda at European and national level. This event has helped to further the already on-going dialogue between the EADV Campaign Chair Prof. Swen Malte John with the EU Commission in particular with Commissioner Andor. Mr. Andor is likely to culminate in the organization of a Pan-European Conference (including WHO and ILO) on safety and health with a particular focus on occupational skin diseases in 2014. This event shall be hosted by one of the EU-Presidencies in 2014.


Prof. John and Comissioner Andor (© EU-Commission)

You will find the news item on the agreement, including the signed text (go to "related documents") on this website.