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Goals & Benefits

The overall goal of this network activity is to interlink scientific knowledge on prevention of OSD. This means in detail:

For employees across the EU

  • Implementation and/or improvement of preventive medical care due to specialized, evidenced-based prevention.

  • Protection of individuals from detrimental socioeconomic OSD sequelae due to job loss and unemployment, increasing psycho-social well-being and personal quality of life.

For the participating countries

  • Increase of competitiveness particularly of smaller and medium-sized enterprises, which are economically more fragile vis--vis a reduction of productivity of the workforce by OSD.

  • Long term reduction of costs for social insurance systems, employers and tax payers.

For specialists and researches

  • Possibility of participation in a broad interdisciplinary network.

  • Exchange of knowledge and dissemination of existing experience in a joint coordinated effort, under the umbrella of the EADV. To that end, the organization of joint workshops and symposia in concert with relevant professional national associations is planned. Meeting results and shared experiences will be published in scientific journals to reach an even broader community in the field of dermatology and occupational medicine, implemented in the EADV annual meetings and also disseminated to countries which so far have not joined this specific project. Knowledge dissemination will be substantially faciliated through the involvement of the project partners in the EADV campaign.