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Why should I become a partner ?

  • as an EPOS partner you may benefit from a meticulous insight into prevention strategies in the field of dermatology in the different European countries and workplace settings

  • a joint network of prevention that acts throughout Europe and connects different disciplines (medical/educational/ insurance/ political)

  • continuous online education in the field of dermatological prevention

  • straightforward access to experts & contact persons for questions

  • regular updates & news by e-mail

  • constant best practice sharing & cross fertilization of ideas, techniques and methods due to joint workshops, symposia and meetings between doctoral and postdoctoral students, early career researchers, senior scientists, and invited experts

  • all for FREE! (complementary partnership)

  • The spread of knowledge gained by this project will be substantially alleviated by the involvement of every project partner.

  • Be up to date in the field of dermatological prevention

  • Become an EPOS partner!