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New members

Please welcome our new member Dra. Esther Serra-Baldrich from the Hospital Sant Pau, Universitat AutÚnoma Barcelona, Spain. Esther is affiliated with the Cutaneous Allergiy Unit at the Department of Dermatology. She has been working in the field of contact dermatitis since 1986. Esther is a member of the EADV and you can find her profile on ResearchGate.

Learn more about Esther Serra-Baldrich's work from this short interview on YouTube.

EPOS by numbers

At present, our network is represented by a total of 122 members from 33 countries. The structure may be broken down as follows:

  • European members: 116 persons from 27 EU-countries
  • Overseas members: 6 persons from 5 international countries (Australia, Canada, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Venezuela)

And last but not least a very warm welcome to Mark Wilkinson, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, Chapel Allerton Hospital, UK: You are the 100th member to our network - congratulations! On this occasion, we would like to share more about you and your work with our members.

Mark, why did you join the EPOS network and what do you expect of it? I joined EPOS to help support the network in its aims and to learn from the network how to implement best practice in preventing occupational skin disease.

What is your job? I am a consultant dermatologist within the UK National Health Service appointed to provide a clinical service for the investigation of contact dermatitis and occupational skin disease. Sixty per cent of my clinical sessions are allocated to my area of expertise and the remainder to general dermatology. I regularly liaise with occupational health physicians. I hold an honorary contract with Leeds University and have a research interest in contact allergy with in excess of 140 peer reviewed publications and have written chapters on irritant, allergic and occupational dermatitis for dermatology textbooks.

Are you a member of other scientific networks? I regularly contribute to EPIDERM, an occupational skin surveillance scheme, run from the Occupational Health department of Manchester University (UK) and funded by the UK Health and Safety Executive. I write a quarterly summary of the returns provided by members. Data from the department also contributes to the European Surveillance System on Contact Allergens.

Mark, on behalf of Prof. Swen Malte John, Chairman of EPOS, thank you for the interview and thanks to everyone else who has joined EPOS and made it what it is today.