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National activities

Bulgaria: After a first successful campaign in 2010 supported by the media, the following years´ campaigns carried out prophylactic examinations and visits of selected enterprises. Further activities include press conferences, publication of TV and press releases and free-of-charge consultations at clinics throughout the country, including patch testing.

Croatia: The national EADV „healthy skin@work“ campaign in Croatia was launched at the occasion of the 5th Croatian Congress on Occupational Health (28 September to 2 October 2011) in Hvar. Since then, meetings with national experts (dermatologists and occupational health specialists) to exchange experiences and information as well as a briefing meetings with journalists to inform about the campaign and the challenges of occupational skin diseases have been held regularly. Meanwhile, the Croatian trade union covering the hairdressing sector is strongly supporting the implementation of social dialogue in this sector. Obviously, this is an important achievement resulting from the campaign activities at national level.

Czech Republic: The EADV "healthy skin@work campaign" has been implemented in the Czech Republic in 2014. Recently, a regional seminar of Czech dermatologists in Hradec Kralove was carried out with the objective to educate colleagues about the prevention of occupational skin diseases. Information also included prevention measures pertaining to occupational skin cancer, which is a neglected occupational hazard.

Denmark: The campaign was kicked-off in September 2014 by means of a symposium. The meeting was attended by representatives of the Danish social partners, the Danish Metal Union, the Danish Industry, by researchers and health professionals, as well as by regulators. One objective is to raise awareness on the need to undertake preventive action in the Metal Industry as incidences of occupational skin diseases in this industrial sector are quite high.

Germany: Since 2009, a week of occupational dermatoses (WOOD) is held on a yearly basis. Attention is being drawn to the manifold occupational skin problems which can occur when working in specific risk professions such as hairdressing, health care, metal work. In 2014 and 2015, the campaign focused in particular on the risks deriving from exposure to natural UV radiation to which approx. 2 million outdoor workers in Germany are exposed to.

Poland: With the aim to increase awareness of physicians in Poland on the challenges of occupational skin diseases, and thus to increase notifications, a number of brochures have been published in collaboration with the National Insurance Institution (ZUS) of Poland. Furthermore, a session on occupational dermatology was organized during a Conference held in May 2015 in Karpacz.

Romania: Kicked-off in 2011, Congress event and press conferences have been held regularly in Bucharest and in Tirgu Mures. During the campaign, a number of clinics throughout the country have been providing free-of-charge consultations, including patch-testing. The national campaign chair, Prof. Tiplica, has in addition been heard at the Romanian Parliament on the issue of occupational skin cancer possibly to be inserted on the national list of occupational diseases.


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